What makes Primal Rings so special?  It's the combination of high-quality materials and a unique ergonomic fit you won't find anywhere else.  

We believe that a better fitting cock ring looks better, feels better, and ultimately performs better.

The 'S' Curve

Most cock rings out there are flat because they're easier and cheaper to produce.  And that flat profile causes a poor fit that actually makes your cock and balls look smaller. 

But we know men's bodies aren't flat, they curve. So we've ergonomically designed Primal Rings to follow that curve, resulting in a ring that fits better than the rest.  And, by matching the body's shape, Primal Rings are more comfortable and can even make your assets look bigger.

Traditional rings are straight and don't fit your body's natural shape. Primal Rings' S-curve ergonomic shape matches your body's contours for greater comfort.

The Keyhole

We don't know about you, but we love the feel of our balls swinging.  That's why Primal Rings cock rings feature a keyhole shape — to give the boys more room to move.  The bottom of the keyhole also provides a little bit of extra stimulation on the taint.  Just slip on one of our rings and give the bottom a little push.  It'll make you smile.


Primal Rings feature a keyhole shape.


The Performance

Primal cock rings are designed with performance in mind.  When you're soft, they show off your cock and balls better than any other ring out there.  And when you're erect, they make you harder and thicker.  Enjoy greater control and more intense orgasms with a Primal Rings cock ring.

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